Carole Splater

Community Betterment

Carole is a St. Louis native who found a way to turn her passion for fabric into a charity that has benefitted thousands all over the world.

She started Charity Sharity 20 years ago with friends who wanted to give from their own fabric “stashes” to benefit others.  It is now a fabric clearing house, giving away 20 TONS of donated fabric each year to those who sew for the benefit of others.  Schools, hospitals, shelters, churches, military, prisons, scout troops, nursing homes, foster care centers and many others receive fabric or items made with CS fabric. Carole is also very devoted to the P.E.O. Sisterhood, whose primary focus is education for women at all levels of study.

Married for 54 years to Gary, she loves it when her volunteer staff calls him “Saint Gary” for his continued devotion to the cause, which was housed in the basement of their home from the start. Carole is excited about a newly formed partnership with the City Sewing Room, a not-for-profit organization also devoted to fabric and those who love it. The CSR home at 6700 Arsenal is now home to Charity Sharity as well.

Carole and Gary’s daughter Laurie, granddaughter Kaylie, son Scott, and his fiancée Brianne, make up their very precious family.