Erin Kramer

Spirit of Giving

Erin Kramer is the Executive Director and Founder of a local nonprofit, Gwendolyn’s Gifts, which has a mission to provide emotional support and financial support to families with children on palliative and hospice care in Saint Louis and surrounding areas. Due to Erin’s commitment to serve others, Gwendolyn’s Gifts has been able to touch over 950 families since it was founded in 2019. Erin’s passion for giving back to the community comes from her own personal experience of being a mother to a child with a terminal illness. Erin’s oldest daughter, Gwendolyn, is the inspiration and driving force behind Gwendolyn’s Gifts.
“Having a child with a terminal diagnosis is heartbreaking in every way- financially, physically, and emotionally. We are constantly inspired by Gwen’s strength. The creation of Gwendolyn’s Gifts Foundation has been healing for our family. We have learned that we walk this difficult journey so we know how to serve other families walking a similar path.”