Kristina Le

Multicultural Advocacy

As a young refugee from Asia, Kristina quickly learned English and became bilingual. She began her interpretation career at an early age, interpreting for her parents, neighbors, and friends. This experience led to actively assist her community and those around her. She established her role as a linguistic and cultural liaison by assisting the Vietnamese American community and the communities among them, linking them with public services, media and engaging them with the wider community. Kristina currently serves her 2nd term at the St. Louis Vietnamese Community Association (STLVNC) as its president. Their mission is to enrich the Vietnamese American community through cultural preservation, social and educational support programs, while bridging relationships with other diverse communities. She has collaborated with many AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islanders) communities to build a stronger collaborative presence within the community to fulfill the STLVNC’s mission statement. Under Kristina’s leadership, STLVNC was awarded and recognized in 2020 by the St. Louis Business Journal’s with the Nonprofit Champion for Diversity and Inclusion award.