Simone Bernstein

Youth Empowerment

Simone is a dynamic young woman who entered the volunteer service arena at age 12 and has demonstrated outstanding advocacy efforts for youth and families with young children. She is the co-founder and President of VolunTEEN Nation, a national non-profit organization she launched at the age of 17.  More than one million youth have found volunteer opportunities through the site and service projects. A few of her accomplishments include speaking at conferences worldwide about her passion to engage youth in problem solving issues in their own communities. She is an inductee of the Missouri Public Affairs Hall of Fame, a 2013 Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur, a 2013 Glamour Magazine’s Top 10 College Women, and a Fulbright Scholar.  An officer in the U.S. Navy, she graduated from St. Bonaventure University in 2014 and will graduate from George Washington University School of Medicine on May 19, 2019 and starts a Psychiatry residency at Washington University in St. Louis in July.